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    Acoustic Enclosure UK Power Reserve

    Project Details

    The Client: UK Power Reserve
    Service: Acoustic Enclosure
    Project Value: £900k
    Project Completion: November 2014


    The Project

    Due to their success in agreeing new supply contracts with National Grid, UK Power Reserve were committed to increasing their standby electricity generating capacity. Kimpton were employed directly by UK Power Reserve to provide new enclosures to house six new generators on existing UKPR sites.

    Kimpton Acoustic Engineers designed, manufactured and constructed 3 separate enclosures on 3 sites across South Wales and the South of England to house the new gas fired electricity generators. Providing the steel frame and the acoustic panels and measuring 15m long x 8m wide and standing over 4m high the enclosures were erected on site in time for the generators to be installed. The structure was also designed so that the dry air coolers could be sited on top of the unit to reduce the footprint of the overall installation, but also to reduce the cost of the cooling water pipework.

    Kimpton were also responsible for the design of the ventilation cooling system and the associated attenuation to maintain the reduced noise levels. The generator exhausts and silencers were also provided and installed.

    The cooling of the generators was also the responsibility of Kimpton with the necessary pipework installation carried out by qualified pipefitters between the generators, dry air coolers and associated pumps and control valves.

    Key Statement

    “Time was of the essence for this key project for UK Power Reserve. Although phased, the construction and fit-out of the enclosures was carried out concurrently and the logistics of the sites was one of the main obstacles for Kimpton in successfully achieving the required completion dates.”

    Bob Jones, Acoustic Manager

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