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  • Acoustic Panels and Baffles

    We can offer a range of acoustic panels and baffles, tailoring the solution to meet your needs.

    By suspending sound-absorbing hanging baffles from your ceilings we can offer a simple noise reduction technique, which is especially useful in large production or packaging halls and press shops. These acoustic baffles are non-intrusive, but still offer a practical, affordable noise control solution.

    Equally simple, yet just as effective is the use of drop-over acoustic hoods and canopies as noise absorbers, which can often provide the perfect solution to reducing noise levels.

    We also offer acoustic screening, which reduces the level of direct radiating noise and can reduce the reverberation noise level experienced by personnel working nearby.

    Our specialist team can also recommend the most appropriate acoustic materials for wall and ceiling linings, selecting from a range of technically-advanced solutions.

    Our technicians will then apply these to wall and ceiling surfaces which would otherwise reflect unacceptable noise.

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