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    Remeha boiler servicing is something we do a lot of at Kimptons. We’ve been servicing their range of boilers since 1963.

    Their commercial boilers range in size from as little as 8kW with their Quinta Pro range to over 1,300kW at the top end of the Eco Pro range. You can see the full range below. The Kimpton team are both experienced and authorised to service any of their models and keep you within the terms of their manufacturer’s warranty. We can also carry out any out of warranty repairs on their full range of boilers to any scale too.

    Servicing Remeha and Broag Boilers

    The quality of the design and construction of the Remeha and Broag Boilers does ensure that the servicing of their entire range is a logical process with few surprises for the engineer doing disassembly and Reassembly after the service is completed.

    The process itself is very similar to most commercial boilers and follows the same basic checklist. This is covered in our page about commercial boiler servicing which you can read over here

    The most common replacement part during the service is the ionisation/ignition electrode. Whilst our team carry many of the most commonly used spares they will need on their vehicles, all Remeha parts are generally available next day delivered to site, so any work can be completed with the minimum of disruption.

    Our new Field management system is making this ever more efficient too, as it tracks these parts and ensures all of the team are well stocked for the sites and jobs they are undertaking. You can read more about that here.

    Most newer systems also now have a magnetic filter fitted and this also needs to be checked and cleaned.

    The water within the system is critical for the health of the boiler too and we often test this at this point to ensure inhibitor and PH levels are correct. You can read about a recent water treatment project we undertook here.

    When this is done, the service interval indicator and any error codes are reset and the boiler is reassembled, ready to go until the next service is due.

    Remeha boiler servicing by Kimptons

    History of Remeha Boilers – incorporating Broag

    Remeha is part of the giant Baxi/ BDR Thermea Group that employs over 6,500 people worldwide and has a turnover in excess of €1.7bn. The company can trace its roots back to 1935 when it was founded by Gerard van Reekum in Holland, as a reaction to seeing inefficient and highly polluting coal fired stoves near his home. By 1939 they had a full range of boilers covering Gas, Oil and solid fuels. This environmental focus has remained a core of the business philosophy to this day.

    Broag, that was bought by Remeha in 1983, was established in the UK in 1946. There were lots of parallels to Remeha in that they were strongly commercially focused and were both developing condensing technology for boilers.

    With the two companies and skill sets combined, they saw rapid progress in condensing technology and in 1998 they launched the first wall hung commercial condensing boiler.

    In 2014 Remeha launched the Fusion gas absorption heat pump. It’s a practical, commercial system that takes energy from the surrounding air and combines it with gas input to create green, energy efficient heating in any weather and external temperatures.

    The Kimpton Team have installed both Remeha and Broag boilers since our own inception, back in 1963. Many of our engineers have huge experience in installing, maintaining and repairing them. We know their range and we have the skills to ensure they are always operating as efficiently as the design engineers originally intended.

    The range of Remeha Boilers

    • Quinta Pro – Gas wall hung Condensing Boilers – 8.9 to 114kW
    • Quinta Ace – Gas wall hung boiler with Aluminium Heat Exchanger – 34.6 to 161.5kW
    • Eco Gas  – Compact High-Efficiency Floor Standing Boiler – 13.3 to 114kW
    • 210 Eco Pro – Gas Pre-assembled free-standing Condensing Boiler – 16 to 217kW
    • 310/610 Eco Pro – Gas Pre-assembled free-standing Condensing Boiler – 310 to 1303kW
    • P Series – Floor-standing, oil, gas and dual fuel cast iron sectional boilers – 450 to 1450kW
    • Fusion and Fusion Hybrid – Renewable and conventional gas technology combined – 35kW
    • R-Gen NG – CHP Range Low carbon, combined heat and power units – 20 to 2,000kW

    In addition to this, they also have a full range of hot water cylinders and heating controls designed to maximise the efficiency of their product range and claimed to deliver greater energy and carbon savings.

    Why service your Remeha commercial boiler?

    Regular servicing and proper maintenance with genuine parts, will ensure:

    • Reliable operation
    • High performance
    • Maximum comfort
    • Increased energy efficiency
    • Continued Warranty Cover
    • Cost and carbon savings

    We recently wrote about the ten things to look for that could indicate your boiler may need servicing or even replacement.

    Remeha boiler sevicing by Kimptons Lead image

    Is your Remeha Product still under warranty?

    Most Remeha products are guaranteed for two years, including parts and labour, if they have been properly commissioned by an approved Remeha Partner. There is also an even longer five-year warranty on heat exchangers.

    If you aren’t sure if your product is still in warranty, then please do give us a call and we can check on the Remeha system on your behalf and let you know. All we need is your product’s serial number and we will be able to advise you.

    Even if it is out of warranty, we will be able to give you a sensible cost for the repairs or any remedial work required.

    Do you need your Remeha Boiler Servicing?

    If you do, then you need to call us as we will ensure any work is done to an exceptional standard, with genuine Remeha parts and an agreed budget. We’ll also carry out the work at a time that suits you.

    We often work out of hours on projects to ensure that your business can operate as normally and have as little disruption as possible. In a recent project we completed for Liverpool Hope University where we replaced an entire boiler room and used a temporary heating arrangement whilst the new one was being installed and commissioned.

    In another project where the team were carrying out fixed wire testing over half of the work was completed out of hours, in order to avoid disruption on a very large industrial production site. 

    Call us today on 0151 343 1963 – Kimptons – The Remeha Boiler Servicing Specialists.

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