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  • Air Source Heat Pumps

    Air source heat pumps are a proven technology, most commonly recognised as air conditioning systems, typically providing cooling but just as capable of providing heating. Based upon the refrigeration process or Vapour Compression Cycle, the heat pump process is similar to your home refrigerator but the process is used in reverse, generating heat instead of cooling. The process has also been optimised for heating, making the air source heat pump capable of generating heat even at low ambient temperatures.

    Classed as a low carbon technology due to the fact that they can produce 2 to 4 times the amount of heat energy than it takes to power the unit, air source heat pumps are now eligible for the non-domestic RHI. RHI, or the Renewable Heat Incentive is a Government environmental programme that provides financial incentives to increase the uptake of renewable heat. Simply, for the non-domestic sector it provides a subsidy, payable for 20 years to encourage the installation of renewable heat generating technologies.

    Our Air Source Heat Pump services at a glance:

    • Low Carbon Technology
    • Highly efficient – Coefficient of Performance of up to 4
    • Provide heat at low ambient temperatures
    • Eligible for Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)
    • Clean operation, no more fossil fuels
    • Proven reliable technology from industry leading manufacturers.

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