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  • Water Source Heat Pumps

    Our Water Source Heat Pumps use the heat energy from the sea to generate renewable heat to provide both hot water and heating for your building. Whether you are close to open water or an enclosed dock or harbour we can design a system to save you energy. Using either an open loop system, where brine water is extracted directly from the sea or a closed loop system where a series of pipes are laid on the sea bed, a water source heat pump can be used to generate over 4 times the amount of heat available from the sea; enough heat to warm any building from a Grade I listed Mansion House to a modern Multi Store Office development.

    Careful consideration needs to be given to the materials used that come into contact with the brine water, but with our experience we can ensure that your system will not only save you energy, but will withstand the rigours of the sea.

    With commercial RHI available to help fund the installation of a Water Source Heat Pump, you will receive a government sponsored financial incentive for 20 years.

    Our water source heat pump services at a glance

    • Low Carbon Technology
    • Highly efficient – Coefficient of Performance of up to 4.5
    • Significant reductions in CO2 emissions
    • Eligible for Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)
    • Clean operation, no more fossil fuels
    • Proven reliable technology from industry leading manufacturers

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