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    Kimpton Renewable Energy Systems understands that successful use of renewable technology requires a solutions-driven approach, not just an off-the-shelf installation. That’s why our clients trust us to enhance their building as well as their environmental credentials. Our photovoltaic systems, combined with our years of expertise, guarantee an energy-efficient, cost-effective solution.

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    What our customers say

    • The installation will improve the comfort conditions in several areas of the school servicing both pupils and staff. We are very experienced in undertaking projects in these conditions were flexibility and careful scheduling is key and this was crucial to our appointment on this contract.

    • We have been using TKR Services since their inception and during that time they proved to be not only commercially competitive, but also, looking from an Engineers point of view they have strived to provide the highest quality work.

    • The Plaza is a showpiece building for Bruntwood in Liverpool and we have since made it our own headquarters in the city. To reflect this, we needed to ensure that the fit out was of the highest quality, whilst maintaining the high levels of service our tenants expect from Bruntwood.