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  • Solar PV Panels

    Solar Panels, also known as Solar Photovoltaics or PV Panels, generate electricity by capturing the sun’s energy using photovoltaic cells. Whilst they perform to their optimum with the sun shining directly on to them, they don’t need direct sunlight to operate and will generate electricity on an overcast day too. The PV panels convert sunlight into electrical energy, which in turn can be used to power your building.

    Solar PV is a Zero Carbon Technology. If you don’t use all of the energy that you generate then this is fed back into the National Grid and you receive payment for the excess energy you generate. Alternatively, you can install battery storage to capture this excess energy and then use it yourself when it’s nighttime and the panels aren’t generating, or it’s just not bright enough outside to generate enough for your own needs.

    We can work with you and have all the expertise in house to make all of these calculations, assess installation costs and Return on Investment (ROI).

    Our PV Panel services at a glance:

    • Fully scalable solutions
    • Site surveys and full feasibility studies
    • Zero Carbon Technology
    • Significant reductions in your Carbon Footprint
    • Eligible for Feed in Tariff
    • Reduced electricity bills

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