New Air Conditioning System for Bangor Jobcentre Plus

The Air Conditioning Team at Kimpton have been busy and just completed a contract to completely renovate the air conditioning system at Bangor Job Centre Plus.

It was a two-stage process, with the first part seeing us safely decommission and remove the existing Toshiba system which consists of six R22 based units.

Close up of the bank of air conditioning condensers by Kimpton Air conditioning

In January 2015, it became illegal to use R22 refrigerant to repair or maintain your air conditioning. R22 or HCFC-22 is the abbreviated name for Chlorodifluoromethane or difluoromonochloromethane, which is a hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC). It’s a colourless gas that is known to contribute to Ozone depletion and therefore global warming.

What this means in reality is that if your system was installed before 2004, then you need to plan to replace it as soon as possible. A breakdown or leak in an old R22 system will be problematic and potentially damaging to the environment.

It is still technically legal to operate an old R22 based system, but the change in law means it is now illegal to top up or replace the gasses with further R22 gas during maintenance and repairs. So if your system breaks, then the whole thing will almost certainly have to be replaced – And this never happens at a convenient time.

The newly designed solution by our team is made up of six cassette based Daikin units, which are being installed throughout the customer and client meeting areas. There is new refrigeration pipework throughout too and obviously a whole new interconnecting control system to manage it. This extends as far as replacing all of the associated electrical isolators and main cables. In effect, the old system has been redesigned and replaced from the ground up.

The challenge the team did face was that all of the works carried out within the interview areas had to be carried out of hours, so as not to affect the good work and health and safety of the Job Centre Plus team.

The ceiling units installed by Kimpton Air conditioning Bangor

Air conditioning design and installation is an area that to an outsider could look quite simple, but with the changing laws, does mean there is a whole new raft of procedures that need to be followed. Our team are all fully trained in the safe handling and disposal of R22. So if you’re still stuck in an office or factory, looking at an old air conditioning system and wondering if it complies with the current legislation, click here or give us a call to talk through your options.

How an air conditioning system works

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