Capital Building – Cold Water Tank Replacement

We recently completed the installation of two cold water tanks of 20,000 and 30,000 litres at The Capital Building, Liverpool. The old tank cold water system was neither big enough or able to meet the changing demands of the refurbished building. The new tanks have been designed to improve resilience, offer far greater sureness of supply and to comply with current Water Regulations.

You can see how tight it is inside the basement for the new tank at The Capital Building, Liverpool By Kimpton

The completed cold water tanks at the Capital Building Liverpool

The system is made up of two parts. One in the basement that stores water from the mains feed, which is then moved to a second tank towards the top of the building. This in turn uses gravity to feed the toilets throughout the building below.

Traditionally these water storage tanks were made of galvanised iron or plastic coated GRP. Iron tanks are heavy and cumbersome. They also obviously rust over time which leads to unsightly bits in the water and sometimes a brown or yellowish tinge. None of these are acceptable under current regulations.

In order to replace the tanks, a three-stage approach was planned with the existing upper tank being removed by being broken down into sections and then manually handling the removed sections out to be disposed of.

Tank one being dismantled at the Capital Building Liverpool by Kimpton Energy Solutions

Tank one being dismantled section by section

Prior to this work beginning and In order for this removal to be possible, a temporary storage tank was constructed within the plant room, located adjacent to the existing tank. The temporary tank had a storage capacity of 12,000 Litres and a mains water booster set was connected in order to meet the buildings water requirements.

The cold water tanks dismantled ready for disposal at the Capital Building Liverpool by Kimpton Energy Solutions

After the existing tanks were stripped out and the area prepared, the new 30,000 and 20,000 Litre GRP sectional tanks were installed. Two of the challenges the Mechanical Services team faced were both the tightness of the working space and the relatively restricted access to the area. Despite these hurdles, the on-site team were able to finish the job on programme. See below pictures of the project in progress and completed.

The project to replace the tank system is just one of many that the Kimpton team have completed at the Capital Building – Recognised as one of the most prestigious locations on the Liverpool waterfront.

And the job is complete and the cold water tanks are replaced and the water flowing freely again.

New Basement tank completed at The Capital Building, Liverpool By Kimpton

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