Delivering more at Incredible Edible Knowsley

Last week, we joined Karen Mower at Incredible Edible Knowsley for their annual community action day to celebrate the work they’re doing to support the local community in South Liverpool.

Incredible Edible C.I.C. are a social enterprise that not only grows and donates its own freshly grown produce to Knowsley FoodBank, but also enables local people to learn how to grow food from seeds, eat more healthily and develop a passion for local produce.

As one of our partner charities, Kimpton support the scheme on an ongoing basis, making the most of our plumbing skills to deliver as much impact as possible.

Our engineers initially volunteered to survey their existing irrigation system, which led to us installing a whole new system for the poly tunnels. We donated all of the materials and labour the job required.

Since then, we’ve made the irrigation system more sustainable. We had two almost brand-new sump pumps left-over from a previous project that had been sitting in our stores for years. Our Engineers realised that we could create a rain-water harvesting system using the pumps to capture rain from the gutters and pump it into the irrigation system.

The new system has reduced the amount of tap-water Incredible Edible need to use and pay for, making the site more sustainable and reducing their running costs.

Through our waste reduction efforts, we reclaimed second-hand furniture which we donated to Incredible Edible to use in their café space.

We also reclaimed thousands of good quality carpet tiles from a refurbishment project. We donated most to charities, but several local businesses received some in return for a donation to Incredible Edible. Using the donations, we arranged for the repair of their Solar PV array, which hadn’t been used for many years after a fire.

The array now provides the site with free electricity to run the freezers for their food club and power the pumps that supply the irrigation system!

We also send our left-over wooden pallets to Incredible Edible, where they’re turned into planters, garden furniture and bird boxes by the men’s mental health support groups they host.

This amazing project is helping to educate and feed the people of Knowsley and South Liverpool through the produce it grows and the food club it operates.

We’re proud to be supporting them with improving their facilities as they grow!

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