Independent site safety audit results

At Kimpton, we always aim to deliver work to the highest possible standards. It can seem tempting for some, when times are challenging, to cut corners here and there. But for us, doing so will always put our team at an increased risk that we’re not prepared to take. We have always avoided this way of thinking and this way of working. In truth, it may preclude us from some projects, but that’s fine with us, we know that in the long term, great work, with great service, delivered safely will win out.

As a business, our shared purpose is to ‘Create the sustainable building environments of tomorrow’. We’re doing that today and every day, up and down the UK. Our teams on-site are our public face and represent our values in their ways of working.

The Kimpton team on site are always safety and quality conscious first 1200

So, it is with some degree of delight that we can announce that we have just had two site safety audits completed on projects in Leicester and Sheffield. These jobs are being project managed by Paul Davies with Anthony Whittle working on both as the Site Supervisor.

In Leicester, we scored 100% and in Sheffield 98.04% and we are hugely proud of those scores and the work it’s taken by Paul and Anthony on-site, to achieve them.

Leicester site audit score

Independent Audit of Kimpton team on site Leicester

Sheffield site audit score

Independent Audit of Kimpton team on site Sheffield

The Occupational Health & Safety Consultant who carried out the audit, had this to say about the results.

“Both sites were a great example of how sub-contractors should be working on projects such as this. I was particularly impressed with how in the main all issues raised in the previous reports have been actioned accordingly and the positive safety culture that seems to be instilled into Kimpton employees.

Although it is a lot easier to find issues with Principal Contractors as they have a lot more to cover, it is the first time in my professional career that I have given a 100% and 98% scores.

Well done, and keep up the good work.”

This way of working may not be everybody’s way of working, but it’s very much the Kimpton way and has been since 1963.

Creating the
sustainable building
environments of tomorrow

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    Creating the
    sustainable building
    environments of tomorrow