Is your Air Conditioning fit for Summer?

The recent near heatwave over the Easter break in the UK has reminded us that summer is just around the corner and now is the time to ensure your air conditioning is fit for the hot weather ahead.

Every year we are faced with the same mid-year rush as air conditioning systems are cranked up and fail to deliver the cool air expected. But this year, the problem will potentially become worse as R22 Refrigerant, that was banned in January 2015, becomes more scarce. Older systems that develop a fault are therefore becoming more difficult to service and are now impossible to repair.

Without air conditioning if it's not hot then it's hotter - Is your Air Conditioning fit for Summer

We asked our own Air Conditioning Manager, Andy Morgan to explain the situation.

“R22, is classified as a greenhouse gas with a high global warming potential and is no longer being manufactured. There is some recycled R22 available and we are still seeing drop-in replacements, however it is becoming less and less viable to service, maintain and repair systems contaminated by the obsolete gas.

The problem is that if an air conditioning system develops a serious leak or fault it could have to be ‘written off’ because the refrigeration components are no longer available. If that happens they will be faced with having to arrange temporary air conditioning, as well as having to deal with the unexpected capital outlay necessary to finance a new system.”

So, what are your options?

The two obvious ones are

  1. Bury your head in the (hot) sand and hope for the best
  2. Be proactive and explore the options for replacement

There will obviously be some who opt for the former approach but with our planned and preventative maintenance hats on, we will always aim to ensure you have a perfectly operating air conditioning system. A breakdown that could have been prevented is never something we believe should be allowed to happen.

we're air conditioned for your comfort

But there is some good news. The newer systems are often so much more efficient, that the energy savings they deliver can almost pay for the system installation and upgrade over a few years. Andy Morgan explains

“The new generation of air conditioning systems are much more energy efficient which  also helps to reduce the building’s carbon footprint and has a dramatic effect on its energy consumption. A new generation 5kW unit is much more efficient than an R22-based equivalent and the level of energy efficiency rises incrementally for higher output units. As a result, the cost of replacing the air conditioning system can be offset against the resultant energy savings.”

With 50 years experience in air conditioning installation, we have a deep knowledge of the range of air conditioning products available and what will suit your specific requirements. Our expertise lies in the design and installation of air conditioning systems including Split (individual, 1-to-1 systems), Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF), Hybrid VRF Systems (as is often used in hotels) and Heat Pump systems.

We have access to business partnerships that allow us to offer warranties up to seven years to give you peace of mind AND ongoing savings for many years to come.

Our services include:

  • System Design – Our in-house design team work with full manufacturer support and have access to their full range of products.
  • Sales – With our close partnerships, we can offer the most cost-effective solutions to your problem.
  • Installation – Each installation is carried out by Kimpton team members with all relevant credentials including the specific manufacturer’s own training scheme certifications.
  • Maintenance – We offer full ongoing Planned Preventative Maintenance from our in-house maintenance department. In most instances, this allows us to provide you with extended warranties – up to seven years.

This comprehensive approach allows us to provide each client with the ideal blend of planning, execution and aftercare service to meet their individual requirements.

So we will leave it to Andy Morgan again to summarise

“The most important piece of advice is to act as soon as possible. We are seeing more regularly that even the best maintained, but older air conditioning systems can develop a fault and with ‘R22 phase out’ now into its fourth year, both refrigerant and components have become very expensive and extremely difficult to obtain.”

If you’d like the most up to date advice on whether your Air Conditioning is fit for Summer, then please call Andy Morgan or the air conditioning team at Kimpton on 0151 343 1963.

When it heats up in the summer, you’ll be glad you did.

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