Kimpton CSR during lockdown

Not to be put off by a lockdown, the Kimpton team pulled together like never before to help those who needed it most when the UK and the NHS in particular, was under serious pressure. Here are just a few of the initiatives the team took to help those who needed it most.

1. Visors for the NHS

Our own Managing Director, Richard Kimpton and his family, worked together to make 1,000 visors as part of an initiative with Richardsons Healthcare. In total, they made and donated 128,000 visors to NHS staff and other front line medics. The concerted efforts of 104 families made a positive contribution to the national effort of producing PPE, and most importantly, helped keep our front line medics safe.

Here’s them hard at work over the course of a few weeks.


2. PPE donation

As the rush to lockdown began, it was apparent that there was a UK wide shortage of PPE for the frontline NHS staff. The Kimpton team again offered help in the most practical of ways. Our stores always carry PPE for use by our own site teams and we held stock of the most sought after 3M™ Aura™ Disposable Respirators. These have the 3M™ Cool Flow™ Valve which helps reduce heat build-up and are a 3 panel design for better fitment and greater range of movement. We donated ALL of the six boxes we had in stock at no cost to the NHS.

3. Skin care and hand sanitisers

One team member, Phil Higham was so moved by the plight of the NHS staff, he started a collection within the wider team to enable the purchase of Hand Sanitisers, moisturiser and lip balm for the front-line NHS staff at Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

4. Always on call for the NHS

Throughout the entire lockdown period, Five of the Kimpton team volunteered to stay working to ensure our NHS and health critical clients were always able to call on us if there was an issue with their heating or ventilation in critical care spaces.

So, it’s a huge thank you to Phil Higham, Paul Bowes, Dean Rugen, Mike Jebb and Sam Wilson for looking after the hospitals, hospices, care homes and sheltered accommodation in our area and being on call throughout these last few months. We know a little more about the way the COVID-19 virus is transmitted now, but when they offered to stay working, there was little real knowledge, a great deal of fear and a whole host of clients we knew would need our help.

It’s a remarkable feat of selflessness and for us, demonstrates that our commitment to the community in which we live and work, runs throughout every layer of the organisation. It’s easy to say you care, but when the chips are down, the brave and committed step forward and show they care. Thank you.

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