Maintenance delivered through High Tech Management system

At Kimpton, we have always focused on the quality of our work and delivering a level of customer service that ensures customers stay with us for many years. It’s why the likes of Chester Zoo have worked with us for over 30 years, despite a massive change in the scale of their operation.

As a business, we’ve always believed in investment in technology and training to ensure we are always working at our most efficient too. This means that our staff know exactly what to do and have experience in delivering it when they get to site for any job. Over our 50+ year history, we have had some unbelievable call-outs for all things big and small. Some so huge, a lesser team would have panicked and some so small the issue could be resolved in a moment. But the team have always worked together, across the board, to aim to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

And we believe, that for our planned and preventative maintenance customers, this service is about to get better again as our new Field Service Management Software (FSM) is now fully implemented and ready to start delivering. We’ve been quietly beta testing the system and making new additions to its capability for some time. We’ve now launched it, and it’s better than even we expected.

Maintenance delivered through High Tech Management system y Kimptons

So what’s in it for the customer and why have we bothered to invest many, many thousands of pounds and probably many thousands of hours into its development?

There are a number of key benefits to you, the customer.

Improved paperwork less paper

Through listening to customers, it had been identified that, on larger sites, our site contacts were not always receiving documentation from Call Outs and reports from Planned Maintenance visits, this caused issues especially if they are subject to any audits. With the new system, all paperwork is despatched electronically and almost instantly to the right contact. It’s always stored centrally within the system, against the job, so tracking is easier too.

Improved stock holding

This is true both at the base and on vans – We use many of the same products regularly and with a fleet of vans, working all over the North West, the stock they held was hard to track. With the new system, this is hugely streamlined and we can both identify and track stock levels across the board. This will ensure we are able to resolve more issues at the first visit. And better still, the more the system learns, the more it is able to identify the most common parts being used, for this knowledge to be shared back through the business.

Better planning and tracking

This is also a clear benefit too. We have always run a tight ship when it comes to resource management, but with the new system, we can up our game even further. By linking more customers to the service level agreements we work to, we can more often ensure we get people to site when you’re expecting it with the right materials for the job. This may sound simple in principle, but when we speak to potential customers, it’s all too rare in reality.

Improved and more efficient communications

We have been trying to reduce the paperwork within our system for many years. This new FSM also helps us here, whilst improving tracking and traceability of all communications.

It will allow us to contact you by email with the following alerts and communications.

An email is sent to any nominated site contacts when our engineer has received a call out. Again, all required contacts will receive an email when the call out has been completed or if a return visit is required. It will also email a fully costed quotation and the final invoice and lastly, it will allow us to create and then email the personalised Planned Maintenance Proposal renewal.

Simpler costings

When the engineers are on site and a part is identified, the system is more quickly able to generate a total cost for the job so there are no nasty surprises on either side. Again, simple in principle and all adding to a better customer experience for you.

So the system is up and running.

Hopefully you will only see improvements in the level and reliability of service we offer. If you have any questions, or would just like a tour of the system, then please do give us a call and we’d be delighted to let you see it – and the whole Kimpton team in action.

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