Environmental Policy

Environmental policy

As a company Kimpton Ltd are committed to the protection of the environment and the prevention of pollution in relation to the aspects and impacts of our activities and services involving design, installation and maintenance of mechanical building services and the design manufacture and installation of Acoustic Enclosures. It is our aim to minimise these aspects and impacts through a comprehensive environmental management system.

We are committed to fulfilling all of our environmental compliance obligations and to continually improving our environmental management system to enhance our environmental performance. Directors and managers in the company will ensure the policy is implemented throughout the business. All employees are expected to consider protection of the environment in their day-to-day activities and be guided by this policy

Regarding materials we endeavour to:

  • Buy materials that have a recycled content
  • Schedule deliveries to minimise energy consumption
  • Audit all deliveries to make sure that all materials have been delivered
  • Reject deliveries if incomplete or damaged
  • Always keep storage areas clearly marked and secure
  • Store and use materials in accordance with manufacturers’ guidelines
  • Store and use hazardous materials according to details on COSHH datasheets
  • Reduce the amount of materials used
  • Recycle materials on and off site by careful segregation
  • Dispose of materials only as the last resort

Regarding resources we endeavour to:

  • Avoid overheating premises
  • Make our staff aware of the need to use water wisely
  • Reduce the amount of water used by being careful with how it is used
  • Reuse water whenever practical to do so and store water for future use
  • Ensure taps and hoses do not leak and are not left running unnecessarily
  • Avoid over consumption of water during any wash downs
  • Meter and monitor water use and investigate any abnormally high measurements which might indicate a leak
  • Reduce delivery journeys and not send vehicles (e.g. waste skips) out half empty
  • Turn off vehicle and energised plant and equipment when not in use
  • Meter and monitor energy and fuel use and investigate any abnormally high measurements
  • Have up-to-date and accurate drainage plans at all times
  • Before starting work on a site, always identify the location of rivers and streams; surface water drains (leading to rivers etc.) foul water drains (leading to sewers); absorbent materials to deal with spillages
  • Inform our site workers of the pollution problems resulting from washing pollutants into drains
  • Inform our site workers of the problems associated with connecting foul water pipes with surface water drains
  • Inform our site workers of what to do if a spillage occurs and who to contact and how to control any spills with appropriate spill kits
  • Prevent spillages on site by storing materials: as recommended by manufacturers; away from drains and watercourses; in appropriately-bunded areas; away from extremes of temperature

Regarding waste we endeavour to:

  • Follow the site waste management plan
  • Never mix hazardous waste with non-hazardous waste in a skip
  • Store and dispose of all waste responsibly, in accordance with our ‘Duty of Care’ for wastes
  • Ensure that all contractors carrying our waste have a valid waste-carriers registration certificate
  • Ensure that all our wastes are disposed of at a correctly licensed site
  • Ensure that waste transfer notes are completed for non-hazardous wastes before any waste leaves the site
  • Complete a consignment note for any special waste before any waste leaves the site

Regarding neighbours we endeavour to:

  • Minimise nuisance by reducing noise; vibration; dust and emissions; and odours

This documented policy will be maintained and communicated within our business and will be made available to interested parties

Managing Director 3rd January 2023

Richard Kimpton


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