Social Value Award for Kimpton

Another week, another award for the Kimpton team. This one is the Social Value Award. It’s awarded to businesses in the North West who go over and above to deliver social value in the areas they live and work. As you can imagine, this is another that is close to our hearts. It’s an official recognition of the work we have been doing for many years as a team.

Social Value award for Kimpton CSR Team

But what is social value?

It’s a standard that has been introduced to measure how much good a business does in their community and on the flip side, measures how they are reducing their impact on the environment. It’s measured with four key metrics

  • Social – creating healthier, more sustainable and more resilient places and communities.
  • Economic – Jobs and Employment – creating fair employment and good work for all, looking to recruit locally and retaining staff on fair contracts they can rely on.
  • Environment: Protecting and improving our environment through better business practice, reducing waste and minimising environmental impact in everything we do
  • Innovation – promoting social innovation, which really means, using innovation to make life better in the area you live and work

These values overlay very closely with our own business values that have been baked into the business since 1963.

It’s been a busy few months for the Kimpton CSR team. We are proud to be given this Social Value Award, but there are even more to come over the next few weeks too.

We promise we’ll show you some plumbing and acoustic jobs soon too!

Creating the
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    Creating the
    sustainable building
    environments of tomorrow