Approved Heat Pump Installer Liverpool

Approved Heat Pump Installer for Mitsubishi in Liverpool

The senior team at Kimpton recognised the growing and potential importance of heat pumps more than 40 years ago. We have trained our team and built lasting relationships with the leading heat pump manufacturers in the market. It still took a few years for the enquiries to come to fruition and turn into real-life projects. More and more people are now seeing the benefits of heat pump systems.

Heat Pump Installer Liverpool

Our early adopter position and the huge level of training across the team, meant we have been installing heat pump systems in the UK, before most people even realised their existence. When we installed heat pumps at Walkers Crisps in the 1970’s we helped revolutionise the potato crisp industry.

The £3.3 million Bramall Learning Centre at the Royal Horticultural Society’s (RHS) Harlow Carr was completed in 2010. The building was designed to reflect environmental sustainability and biodiversity in every element and achieved the highest BREEAM score ever awarded for a public bespoke building at the time. Some of this was through the ground source heat pump, designed and installed by Kimpton, that provided low-level heat to occupants via underfloor heating.

This installation was part of a much wider project and as part of this new build project, Kimpton also provided the heating, passive cooling, ventilation and plumbing services.

In 2014 we installed one of the UK’s first Marine Source Heat Pumps at Plas Newydd. Providing 300kW of heat energy to serve the Plas Newydd Country House Estate, Kimpton were responsible for designing and installing the system, including pipework to extract the marine water from the Menai Strait, which is then pumped the 30 metres up the cliff face to the four heat pumps located in the estate plant room. You can see how successful this installation was at the time and continues to be in the revisit piece here, where we went back to see how the system was working, after the first few years of operation.

The Completed Heat Pumps - Approved Heat Pump Installers Kimptons


Approved Heat Pump Installers Liverpool

We have worked with Mitsubishi for decades and are an official Diamond Business Solutions Partner. Working closely with the team at Mitsubishi, we divide our services into four sections:

Heat Pump System Design

Any system will only work well if it has been designed correctly in the first place. We design systems to last beyond their planned lifetime. As simple as that sounds, the design of the system can cause it to perform poorly, if incorrectly specced from the outset.

Heat Pump Sales

Our strong buying power and long term partnerships with the major manufacturers ensure we can offer the best prices. As a Diamond Partner, we can offer the longest warranty in the market too.

Installation across Liverpool and the North West

This is every bit as critical as the design of the system. Our site installation teams across Liverpool and the North West have huge experience across every type of site and application. It’s not as simple as old boiler out, new heat pump in, but with the right experience and training, the switch can be pain free for the end user.

Heat Pump Maintenance

Our work on heat pump maintenance is mainly in Liverpool and the North West.

For a system to continue to deliver its optimal performance, it needs to be correctly maintained. With Mitsubishi, it is a condition of their extended ten-year warranty. Planned preventative maintenance will ensure costs are both predictable and minimised, whilst also continuing to perform as designed.

This allows us to deliver any of the products from their heat and cooling ranges and offer the longest warranties available.

So if you are looking for an approved heat pump installer, who specialises in Mitsubishi or any of the other major heat pump manufacturers, then please contact any of the team and your enquiry will be directed to the relevant member of our team.

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