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For many, watching the rush towards decarbonisation, heat pumps are considered a new technology, but here at Kimpton, we installed our first heat pumps back in the 1970’s for Walkers Crisps and Golden Wonder. They were used to keep stocks of potatoes fresh and dry and were an innovative technology that would go on to save many £000’s in fuel costs and even more in carbon saving.

We have continued to be at the forefront of heat pump system design and have gained many years of expertise in their design and installation since those early days.

We specialise in the design and application of renewable heat pumps for commercial applications. Heating accounts for over half the energy used in the UK each year, with fossil fuels being the principal energy resource.

Heat pumps use electricity as the energy source and are used for either the heating or cooling of the space by transferring heat between two different sources.

When it is warm outside, the heat pumps can act like an air conditioner, and remove heat from the air inside the building and transfer it outside.

HVAC improvements can transform your EPC rating for commercial property Kimpton Energy Solutions

When it is cold outside, heat from the outdoor source is extracted and transferred to the interior of the building. Even on a cold day, the heat pump can extract enough heat to warm a building. The outdoor source can be air, geothermal or water.

One very high profile project we completed was the marine source heat pump at Plas Newydd. In a recent revisit, we showed this was producing a CoP of 3.0-3.2 – what this means is that it has a Co-efficiency of Performance where £1 spent putting energy into the system, produces £3.00 to £3.20 worth of energy out.

The location for the heat pumps at Plas Newydd by Kimpton

The location for the heat pumps at Plas Newydd

With the cost of fossil fuels rising, alternative heating systems are now being used in construction. Fossil fuels clearly have a considerable environmental impact and their days are numbered in domestic and commercial heating applications. Now is the time to invest in heat pump based technology, however it is powered.

Heat pump technology is a key part of renewable energy today. Kimpton has been installing heat pump systems for over 30 years. Over recent years, this technology has developed to produce both heating and cooling. A modern heat pump can now produce over four times the amount of heat energy than the electricity it uses.

Heat Pumps from Kimpton

Kimpton provides in-depth expertise in designing and installing heat pump systems. Our experienced team has worked with air, ground and marine source models. Enquire today to learn how renewable technology can benefit your facility.

We are currently building a series of case studies to demonstrate our huge experience in delivering effective heat pumps to business. If you would like to learn more about our advanced heat pump technology for commercial applications, please contact us on 0151 343 1963.

Please note: We do not fit residential heat pumps for home users.

Case Studies

  • Public Sector

Salford Civic Centre Heat Pumps and system upgrade

Client: RPS Group Project Value: £1.2m Project Manager: Paul Cooper / Mark Farrell Overview The Kimpton team were appointed to update the plant room and heating

Marine Source Heat Pump Plas Newydd
  • Heritage
  • Leisure/Hospitality

Marine Source Heat Pump Plas Newydd

Project Details The Client: The National Trust Customer: The National Trust Service: Marine Source Heat Pump Project Completion: April 2014   The

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