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    UoL Laboratory Air Handling Unit


    The Donnan & Robert Robinson Laboratory are contained with the Chemistry Building at the University of Liverpool. With this project, our brief was to replace the Air Handling Unit.

    An Air Handling Unit (AHU) is a piece of equipment within an HVAC system that is used to regulate and circulate air. It’s normally connected to the ductwork to move air around a building whether hot, cold or ambient. They are normally located outside of the building on the rooftop or sometimes within the basement of the building. There were a few complications however. The main one being that the AHU was not only located within the basement, but it was also extremely tight, in terms of access.

    For the Kimpton team, this presented a few issues. To avoid huge disruption with a large crane, the team had to work through the night to complete the job. There was also a short-term road closure for the lift itself. Some very careful handling of a delicate unit in the space outside of the basement and the transfer of the unit to the internal lifting equipment to move it into position. You can see the process in the pictures below.


    Key Statement

    The replacement of an Air Handling Unit into the basement of the The Donnan & Robert Robinson Laboratory presented some interesting challenges for the Kimpton team.

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