Visit England Decarbonisation Webinar

Matt Breakwell joined Rachel McCaffery, Sustainability Lead at Visit England this week to talk to hospitality businesses across the country about the five simplest ways to make huge strides in a carbon reduction and energy efficiency journey.

Also speaking were John Devine, Founder at TCD Energy and Steven Core from Voltshare.

The online mini conference delivered three very different, but relevant, presentations to raise the profile of decarbonisation and arming business with the information they need to cut energy bills and deliver a more sustainable future.

In our own presentation, Matt talked about the five biggest wins for business decarbonisation, which we have covered here.

We’ve added a lot more information to each area in our decarbonisation microsite.

The summary was quite stark, but does emphasise why we do need to work together to reduce carbon and strive for a life beyond net zero.

Most of the things we talked about were quite simple, practical and relatively easy to implement, but they deliver on so many levels.

  • Your cash AND Carbon savings will be significant
  • You will stabilise and reduce your future energy costs
  • It’s better for your brand – increasingly Gen Z are demanding evidence of low carbon in their choices
  • Any investment in plant or improvements is allowable against tax, so whilst not free, is very cost effective and should deliver a fast payback.

If we don’t do it, our planet will be toast.

Creating the
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    Creating the
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