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  • Asset Management

    New regulations, maintenance and asset auditing demand that adequate records are kept for auditing purposes. This covers Planned Preventative Maintenance, Refrigerant Leak Testing and Reactive Maintenance. It is an onerous task in itself to produce, maintain and store these details.

    In response to these new directives and to retain our position at the forefront of Planned Preventative Maintenance, we have developed a Web Portal. It can allow you access to all your records and reports wherever and whenever required; an efficient and useful form of asset management.

    Once issued with a username and password, you can access your information. This data includes being able to locate reports and job sheets – using date, asset or specific job number fields to refine your search. Issued invoices, plant lists, quotations and planned maintenance visit dates can all be accessed. All documents in a printable PDF format.

    If you opt in to this convenient service, the fee amounts to a small percentage of your annual Planned Maintenance Contract cost. This is a small price to pay for the comfort and convenience of secure records with easy accessibility.

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      What our customers say

      • Kimpton Energy Solutions have provided a reliable and helpful service at Dover and Philharmonic Court since they were opened in 2014 /15. A good working relationship is maintained with the service engineers and having a key account manager who is responsive and maintains regular communication has been a key factor in service provision.Having a…

      • Kimptons provided a ‘planned maintenance schedule’ to suit our academic year requirements and maintained the dates set out. Their engineers were always well presented and aware of how to conduct themselves within our environment. They were all trained and knowledgeable on the various items of equipment they came to work on. Mr Mike Pickles,…

      • We are happy with the service Kimptons have provided over the years. Their engineers are local and have great knowledge of our systems. We have built up an excellent working relationship with service engineers along with their office staff. Mr Kevin Foy, Notre Dame College

      • The Kimpton engineers on site are always accommodating to requests from the estates team with regards to heating, ventilation and air conditioning issues. The planned maintenance schedule has developed over the years and works well throughout the year. Having a key account manager who attends site on a weekly basis provides an excellent line…

      • The installation will improve the comfort conditions in several areas of the school servicing both pupils and staff. We are very experienced in undertaking projects in these conditions were flexibility and careful scheduling is key and this was crucial to our appointment on this contract.

      • We have been using TKR Services since their inception and during that time they proved to be not only commercially competitive, but also, looking from an Engineers point of view they have strived to provide the highest quality work.

      • The Plaza is a showpiece building for Bruntwood in Liverpool and we have since made it our own headquarters in the city. To reflect this, we needed to ensure that the fit out was of the highest quality, whilst maintaining the high levels of service our tenants expect from Bruntwood.