The Liverpool Hospitality Industry – The city’s shop window

The Stats around Liverpool’s music and hospitality industry are incredible. According to Marketing Liverpool, In 2019, 67 million people visited the city region and experienced our culture, sport and hospitality.

The visitor economy back then, contributed £4.9 billion to the local economy and employed 57,000 people. Covid 19 had a devastating impact on the short term figures, with the six month average hotel occupancy falling from 80% in 2019 to just 33% in 2020.

But, Liverpool being Liverpool fought back. They pitched for, and won Eurovision in 2023 and hosted the musical extravaganza for the people of Ukraine. Once again, the city was back in the world’s spotlight and it shone. Brightly.

Liverpool welcomed an additional 306,000 visitors to the city from around the world and many, many more from closer to home. The city was buzzing with excitement throughout the event. And these visitors brought glitter. At the same time, the event contributed over £50 million to the local economy and was seen by 162 million people on TV.

It was Liverpool at its best and us showing the world, we know how to throw a party.

Eurovision Liverpool

Liverpool now proudly boasts the UK’s number one night-time economy, according to research by Square. Their research looked at the economies of London, Bristol, Liverpool and Birmingham, with Liverpool coming out on top for its nightlife.

People, across the UK have generally cut back on their retail spending, as the cost of living has risen. But one thing they won’t skimp on, in Liverpool at least, are their big nights out.

So how do Kimpton fit into this story?

At Kimpton We look after the Hard FM and the M&E for many of the city’s most iconic hotels, venues and destinations.

One of the first big ones was the refurbishment of the Philharmonic in 1995. We were part of the team that brought it back to life and nearly 30 years later, we still maintain and carry out all of the upgrades, across the HVAC systems, throughout the site.

Royal Liverpool welcomed the gigantic roller coaster that is the Open Championship to Hoylake in 2023, and it was Kimpton again who upgraded their boilers in readiness, and continue to maintain all of their heating and ventilation.

The same goes for The Liverpool Acc Arena. When it was known that Eurovision was coming to town, we were awarded the contract for all of the Hard FM services across the site. Working with their Estates Team, we completed all of the prep work for the HVAC and were part of the team that delivered the alterations that the building fabric required and delivered a site that shone.

Apart from these three icons, we also work with many of the city’s best hotels and venues on both service and PPM Maintenance, right through to full decarbonisation schemes. The brief is always to keep it working perfectly, but with decarbonisation, it’s about helping them burn far less carbon in the process. We know how to do that, and do it well.

Novotel Paddington Village reception area with HVAC PPM by Kimpton

So the big question is why?

Why do Kimpton win this work and then keep it?

We believe it’s to do with our approach. We think long term and focus on local.

85% of our entire team live and work within the Liverpool City region. When there’s a callout needed, we can nearly always respond within an hour, two max,

When we start working with a client, the first thing we do is a plant audit. We inspect every piece of plant, log its condition and put an estimate on its optimal life. It’s not a short term way to win immediate refurb work, but it’s a long term way to build trust.

Everyone knows where they stand and it’s far easier to plan for CAPEX, if you’re given a few years notice.

It absolutely minimises breakdowns. We know the plant and how it performs, so we understand and advise, when it is likely to start causing problems.

There are not many happy customers in hotels and entertainment venues when it’s freezing cold or there’s no hot water for a shower.

We work incredibly hard to keep clients and their guests happy. If you notice the HVAC, something has probably gone wrong.

Think of us as the silent partner in a relationship that’s been designed to make you look your best and you’ll see where we see ourselves.

If you’re not working with us, we’d love to talk.

Call Matt on 0151 343 1963 or email him here via the form below.

On one final point, we’re going to steal a quote from CIBSE in 2019.

Imagine yourself in the most fabulous building in the world. Now take away the lighting, heating and ventilation, the lifts and escalators, acoustics, plumbing, power supply and energy management systems, the security and safety systems. You are left in a cold, dark uninhabitable shell. Building Services Engineers bring buildings to life.

That’s where we fit in.

Creating the
sustainable building
environments of tomorrow

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    Creating the
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    environments of tomorrow