HVAC Service and Maintenance for Hotels and Hospitality

Since 1963, Kimpton have been working with hoteliers and the hospitality industry to manage and maintain their heating and ventilation systems. We are increasingly being asked to work through and entire system to reduce the carbon impact of the heating, lighting and ventilation systems throughout their buildings.

We also design, plan and install lower energy HVAC systems for hoteliers, whether as a new build or refurbishment project.

The Tower Hotel boiler room replacement by Kimpton

We offer a full service for all of your boilers and heat pumps, whoever they have been originally supplied by and guarantee our work will be completed to the highest possible standards. Whatever commercial system you have, with our PPM agreements, we can maintain your systems and ensure they run at optimal efficiency into the long term. We will also help you plan to upgrade the system when the time is right and it’s more cost effective to do so.

When we start working with any hotelier, we firstly complete an audit of all of the plant and create an asset register. With each part, we estimate its useful life, to allow for sensible, long term plant replacement and upgrade as their usable life draws to a close. This ensure a seamless service for you and your guests and allows you, as a business, to plan for long term capital expenditure.

Some of or hotel and hospitality Clients

HVAC Service and maintenance for Hotels by Kimpton

For the hotelier or hospitality outlet, the key is in delivering a year-round consistent service. The ultimate aim is for the rooms and public spaces to be maintained at the perfect ‘goldilocks’ temperature. Neither too hot or too cold. It’s as simple as ‘if someone notices it is particularly hot or cold, there’s something wrong’.

Novotel Paddington Village reception area with HVAC PPM by Kimpton

Our experience has always shown us that customers are at their most unhappy if their room is too hot or their shower runs cold. So the key to providing HVAC Services to hotels is near invisibility.

We always prefer to work as long term partners on planned and preventative maintenance contracts as it allows for a long term planning and replacement programme. But, even if you’re not working with us yet, we can repair your system if it goes wrong and get you up and running again.

Our in-house maintenance team are all locally based and have an incredible track record in working with hotels for many years and maintaining HVAC systems to ensure there is zero disruption to guests. After all, no guests want to be woken, day or night by the sound of engineers on-site. Worse still, customers who can only take a cold shower in the morning, tend to be first in the queue looking for refunds.

With good planning and a strong maintenance partner such as Kimpton, you can minimise business interruption and keep your focus on customer care, maximising occupancy and guest satisfaction.

Novotel Paddington Village Studio Room with HVAC PPM by Kimpton

There have been four key areas in which we work with hotels and the hospitality industry. Looking at each of these in turn.


To always ensure the hotel or hospitality outlet is fully compliant with the latest regulations and legally compliant for insurance purposes

There are a whole host of regulations that cover hotel and hospitality HVAC. EN378 Directive means that when there are even small amounts of refrigerant within a hotel room or public space, leak detection must be added and regularly checked. There is also the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) that means since 2018 any building must meet a minimum EPC Rating energy standard of F or G or it cannot be sold or let to a new tenant. For some older buildings, this WILL present a real problem if an acquisition or disposal is on the cards. Our role is to keep track of this and ensure ongoing glegal compliance.


To create a sensible plan for maintenance, upgrade and replacement and ensure that the organisation is minimising carbon impact in line with their own carbon reduction plans.

Most hotel and hospitality groups will now have a decarbonisation plan in place across their entire estate. Working with them we aim to plan a logical and cost effective route forwards within their own decarbonisation framework. We have years of experience of this and have delivered on these plans consistently, whilst ensuring minimal disruption to guests. We have written a five quick wins to decarbonise your business that gives you an overview of what you may need to address and where the greatest returns can be found. You can read that here.

Energy efficiency and ongoing operating costs

Working to stabilise and reduce ongoing operating costs for Capex and cash flow planning for the organisation.

An older system will always be less efficient and more costly to operate than one that’s newer. We have worked closely with the hotels and hospitality operators to plan a sensible programme for upgrades to ensure they have a long term plan to keep costs down and the heating and lighting on for their guests. Increasingly, the solution is heat pump based and we have been installing these since the 1970’s and have more experience than anyone in the North West in their application and operation.

When we start working with an organisation we often find some very large quick wins that will dramatically reduce operating costs. in one recent project with a client who operates a large performance space, we found that the BMS was set incorrectly and was bringing in much more cool, fresh air than was needed. by changing the BMS to the correct setting, we were able to greatly reduce the heating costs and make the performance space more comfortable for artists and guests.


If anything goes wrong with your heating, air conditioning or hot water and services are lost, we need to be onsite fast to sort it out.

Because we employ local engineers, within our PPM contracts, we deliver a guaranteed two hour response time to all of our PPM contract clients in the event of an emergency or breakdown 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.


Services we offer to Hotels and Hospitality Operators

Many of the services we offer within the hotel and hospitality industry sectors are common to other industries we work in. They include:

Liverpool City region Tourism Awards 2023 sponsored by Kimpton

Sponsors of Liverpool City Region Tourism Awards 2023

We’re delighted and proud to be sponsors of the new category for the Best Entertainment Venue Award, as we’re passionate about our city’s incredible worldwide reputation for creating entertainment experiences.

The entertainment and hospitality sectors are Liverpool’s front of house. They are often people’s first experience of our brilliant city, that we’re all so proud of. It’s vital that they deliver on the exceptional reputation Liverpool has, so the city and the sector continues to thrive and grow.


Latest Hotel and Hospitality news

Novotel Paddington Village, Liverpool – PPM Contract

Novotel Paddington Village front door with HVAC PPM by Kimpton

Kimpton manage the PPM contract for all of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning plant for the Novotel Hotel in Liverpool.

It’s a 16 storey hotel, in Paddington Village with stunning views of the vibrant Liverpool City Centre that opened in July 2022. There are 221 bedrooms, including 39 studio apartments that are stylishly finished and well equipped. It’s been designed to service both business and leisure customers.

ACC Arena Hard FM Contract

Some of the Kimpton Engineers in their electric vehicles at the ACC Arena

Kimpton are delivering the Hard FM Contract for the Liverpool ACC Arena Complex. Our role is to review all of the existing heating and cooling systems and look to make improvements in line with their own carbon reduction strategy.

As part of the contract appointment, we are undertaking a thorough review of all the heating and cooling systems to support The ACC Liverpool Group’s carbon reduction plan, that will reduce Co2 impact and ongoing running costs.

Tower Hotel London Riser replacement

Tower Hotel London Riser replacements by Kimpton Liverpool

The project entailed the replacement of the heating and chilled water mains flow and return pipework within the four main risers at the Tower Hotel in London. In addition, we replaced and upgraded the controls valve, touchscreen display and associated wiring to bring it all up to the latest standards.

Radisson Blu Liverpool – PPM Contract

Collage restaurant Radisson Blu Liverpool with HVAC maintenance by Kimpton Wirral

Kimpton service and maintain all of their HVAC assets for the Radisson Blu Liverpool.

Located on Old Hall Street, close to the Capital Building, the hotel is a 4* deluxe hotel and has 194 guest bedrooms as well as a full spa and fitness centre with Gym, Swimming pool, sauna and steam rooms.

Tower Hotel London – Boiler room replacement

Tower Hotel boiler house Refurbishment London with Kimpton
The Tower Hotel, sits by the River Thames, alongside Tower Bridge in London. It is owned by GLH (Greater London Hospitality), who operate hotels across the Capital and has 801 rooms. Our role was to completely replace the CHP based boiler room to fit a new and much more efficient system.

Carden Park Spa

The indoor pool at the Carden Park Spa with HVAC by Kimpton

Working with an experienced team, Kimpton were responsible for delivering the mechanical services throughout the £10m build of the New Carden Park Spa, in the 1,000 acre of grounds at Carden Park Country Estate in Cheshire.

The build stretches over 4,500sq.m and includes two large vitality pools, a beauty lounge and relaxation spaces. In addition, there is an ice fountain, snow shower, experience showers, foot baths and heated loungers. There are treatment 14 rooms, a restaurant and bar, changing facilities and the outdoor spa garden. Read More.

Case Studies

Tower Hotel Boiler room replacement London by Kimpton
  • Leisure/Hospitality

Tower Hotel, London – Boiler House Refurbishment

Client: Greater London Hospitality (GLH) Project: Tower Hotel Project Value: £1.1m Project Scope: Boiler house Refurbishment Project Manager: Paul

Collage restaurant Radisson Blu Liverpool with HVAC maintenance by Kimpton Wirral
  • Leisure/Hospitality
  • Service/Maintenance

Radisson Blu Liverpool PPM Contract

Client: Radisson Blu Liverpool Project: PPM Contract Project Scope: Mechanical Services Project Manager: Andy Morgan Overview Kimpton are working in partnership

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