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M&S Bank Arena LED Lighting upgrades

M&S Bank Arena LED Lighting upgrades

Client: ACC Arena
Location: Liverpool Waterfront
Project: LED Lighting upgrades
Project Manager: Greg Percival


LED Lighting upgrades for M&S Bank Arena and waterfront

We’ve recently completed a series of related projects to upgrade the lighting at the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool, the waterfront area and the car parks that surround it.

There were five key areas that were addressed in this phase of work. Each will deliver savings in ongoing energy costs of over 50% and a significant reduction in the carbon impact.

External lighting – fluorescent to LED

This was one of the larger phases of the project with some specific challenges. The team replaced 198 fluorescent light fittings with LED equivalents. It was a mixture of lamppost lighting and floor lights around the Arena and the open car park area as well as the waterfront. We also completed all of the associated builders works to finish the project.

To minimise disruption and civil work, the new LED fittings for the lampposts were chosen to fit the existing pocket for the lighting. This ensured the work could be delivered more quickly, but also without needing to close huge areas of Liverpool’s historic river frontage off to the public.

Car Park

Whilst adjacent to the M&S Bank Arena site, this was actually a project for Liverpool City Council.

This is a large car park on the Kings Dock area and with old fashioned Halogen lights was prohibitively expensive to run. Wherever possible, as above, we worked with existing fittings and replaced the lamps within them with LED lamps.

There were over 400 light fittings, each with 58W double tubes, so a total of 46.4kW across the whole set. The new fittings will draw over 50% less power, but in addition, are fitted with individual PIR’s, so they light the way as you walk into the area and will use far less power. We also upgraded the stair case lighting at the same time.

There’s also an emergency lighting backup to provide three hours of lighting in case of a full power cut in the area.

Public toilets

This was an interesting project in two phases. The first was to extend the existing toilets into an unused office space to create a greater provision for events, just off the main arena. At the same time, we were asked to address the issue that the halogen light fittings did not work well with the existing cubicle layout. This was because the cubicles were added after the lighting was initially installed. The suspended ceiling design meant that some of the cubicles were too bright, and others, very dimly lit.

A redesign of the lighting provision saw the installation of individual wall lights within the cubicles and a new layout for ceiling lights. With over 70 light fittings in total and new wiring for hand dryer circuits, it became a bigger job than just the decorative lighting. Overall, it became a project with builders work, plumbing and electrics. The perfect project for our commercial fit out team.

LED Lighting at the ACC Arena toilets

Concourse Lighting

The concourse and core area runs around the entire arena and was lit by 450 inefficient lights, all of which have been upgraded. This also included the toilets around the core where LED replacements were installed in place of the previous fluorescent tubes. Much of this required new steel conduit to be installed to keep the job tidy and safe. Overall, it will again deliver a saving of greater than 50%.


All of these projects together will see a huge reduction in the power consumption for the M&S Arena and surrounding areas. All involved system design, electrical and fit out work as well as builders work to ensure the site was left perfect for guests to arrive and enjoy the best of the hospitality the city has to offer. With this work completed, this can now be done with a significantly lower carbon impact, a more effective AND more cost effective lighting solution.


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