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Ingevity Warrington – AHU upgrades

Ingevity Warrington – AHU upgrades

Client: Ingevity
Location: Warrington
Project: AHU replacement and upgrades
Project Manager: Matt Clare
Project Value: £130k


Ingevity opened its doors in Warrington in 1974 and now houses around 160 staff and 30 contractors on site. They manufacture Caprolactone monomer, polyols and thermoplastics with end-use applications of resins, coatings, elastomers, adhesives and bioplastics.

The Project

Our work involved the installation of a New Air handling unit with two DX coils – one hot and one cold as well as optimisation of the BMS controls to ensure reduced energy usage and more consistent temperature regulation for the 50+ people who work in the office on site.

The existing system had high and low level louvres that were operated manually to allow ventilation. We added CO2 sensors into the system and, via the BMS, this controlled the high Louvres with motorised controls. The low level ones were also motorised and tied back to the same BMS system. Previously they had all operated independently and this left the office space drafty and often too hot or too cold.

One simple variation is that the BMS will close all of the louvres to keep the heat in if it detects they are still open when the office has been vacated on any given day, or overnight.

We were working within a live office environment, so careful planning was needed to avoid disruption to the Ingevity teams on site and complete all of the builders work. Where the ductwork entered the building we took out the existing plasterboard finish, sealed it properly and made good afterwards.

The project was completed in two phases, Split between internal and external works, each lasting three weeks.

Project Management

‘The project was a very interesting one and did involve some reshuffling on site. Working in a live environment is always slightly more challenging but the team handled it superbly and the finished job looked great and worked well.

The changes to ventilation requirements post COVID have caught some office spaces out, but with this work completed, Ingevity should be good for some time to come’

Project Summary

This Turnkey project involved the following trades:


  • Builders work
  • AHU installation
  • BMS and Controls
  • Power
  • Air Conditioning
  • Duct work
  • Decorating
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