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    Acoustic Doors, The Faiveley Group

    faiveley-transportThe Client

    Part of The Faiveley Group, one of the world’s leading suppliers of railway systems and services, Faiveley Transport Birkenhead Ltd designs and manufactures a wide range of brake control systems for the rail industry.

    The Challenge

    Using a purpose-built test cell, Faiveley carries out critical checks on brake product performance before delivering to the customer. The relocation of an assembly production line adjacent to the test cell presented potentially disturbing noise emissions for the assembly personnel. A noise survey of test equipment indicated levels of 104 dB(A), in excess of acceptable levels for the workforce and the lack of soundproofing to the cell’s existing double doors meant they had to be replaced.

    Acoustic Doors The Faiveley Group

    The Solution

    Kimpton Acoustic Engineering was specified to supply and install a set of high performance acoustic double doors with dual glazed windows and heavy-duty hinges and door latch. An independent noise survey carried out after the installation indicated that the potential noise level of 104 dB(A) had been attenuated to the predicted background noise level of 60 dB(A), well within health and safety regulations for the employees.

    Key Statement

    “The Faiveley Transport project presented a typical challenge for us, addressing factory noise levels which have suddenly become unacceptable to the workforce. Our bespoke acoustic doors provided an immediate solution and their installation was completed with minimum downtime disruption to factory production.”

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