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    Capital Building level 9 refurbishment

    Client: Crown Commercial Services
    Project Value: £800k
    Project Manager: Scott Bennett


    The Capital Building is one of the most prominent and iconic buildings on the Liverpool waterfront. Located on Old Hall Street, in the heart of the business district, it is the largest Grade A office building in Liverpool City Centre. Originally opened in 1976 as the purpose-built headquarters of Royal Insurance, with the upgrades to the cooling tower, the heating system throughout each floor was due to be upgraded.

    Working with Crown Commercial Services, we have been working our way through many of the floors making those improvements to the HVAC and reconfiguring office spaces.

    Our Work

    This is a project that grew in scope as we worked our way through the project. Initially, we were making improvements to the heating system, in conjunction with the work on the cooling tower for the whole building. However, the brief changed. As the ceilings and floors were out to replace heating pipes, the opportunity arose to make further changes to the office space, with reduced disruption and lower cost.

    Our client, Crown Commercial Services, understood that working life post-Covid would be different and the move from office to work-from-home during the pandemic, would be followed by a return to the office in a more flexible manner as the pandemic ran its course and life returns to normal.

    Whilst the upgrade work was underway, the entire floor plate was reconfigured and the heating and ventilation upgraded to reflect this.

    This flexible working has necessitated a different layout for the floors with more communal working, hot-desking and break out meeting spaces with exceptional AV facilities for remote meetings. All of this has to be powered by flawless data provision throughout, which we have delivered. Remote working only works well with truly reliable data. These upgrades now deliver that.

    As the main contractor on the job, we have installed all new fire protection, including fire curtains throughout, Cat B electrical and mechanical services and all of the power and lighting, with the whole system managed by a new BMS.

    The final stage prior to the teams’ return was to reinstate the ceilings, completely redecorate and recarpet throughout.

    With the team now back in the offices, here’s a view from inside the newly configured office spaces.

    Project Management

    Scott Bennett who has managed the project for Kimpton from the outset is very happy with how the project has been delivered.

    “When we work on projects like this, we often find that there is a creep in the specification from what is quoted, to what is finally installed. With this project however, a global pandemic came along and changed the world of work as we knew it. It’s a much bigger proposition altogether.

    From what started as a simple HVAC upgrade, the project grew to become an entire refurbishment across the whole floor. The team had to adapt to the changing demands and I’m proud of how they coped with the changes we took on.

    The finished job looks great though and it now feels very much like the best of grade A office space in Liverpool.”



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