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    Claire House Hospice Clatterbridge

    The Client

    Claire House is a children’s hospice, located in Clatterbridge, Wirral. Helping families from Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales and the Isle of Man. The hospice offers care to children aged 0 – 18 years with life-threatening or life-limiting conditions and offers support to their relatives.

    Claire House Hospice Clatterbridge

    The Challenge

    The majority of the children helped by Claire House have always been at the younger end of its age range, and the fit-out of the hospice was geared towards the needs of young children. However, the hospice also caters for teenagers and the decision was taken to add a teenage wing to help patients in this age group feel more at home.

    As with all hospices, Claire House receives very little public funding and relies on charity donations to pay for its considerable running costs. As a result, the teenage wing extension had to be completed under tight budgetary constraints.

    The Solution

    Based locally to Claire House, Kimpton Building Services was brought on board to provide all mechanical and electrical works for the teenage wing. In order to help the project remain within budget, the company worked with the M&E consultant to develop the design and look for potential savings and value engineering opportunities.

    Amongst the work carried out by Kimpton was the design development and installation of automatic doors, fire alarms, workstations and emergency generator systems. All work was carried out under business as usual conditions at the hospice to ensure that patients continued to receive the same high standards of care while the new wing took shape.


    Key Statement

    “The care that Claire House provides to children with serious illnesses is invaluable and they need to ensure that all funding they receive is spent wisely. “Kimpton not only provided a local service that they could rely on, we understood the need to deliver the project within a restrictive budget and worked hard towards that goal.”

    Richard Kimpton, Managing Director, Kimpton Building Services:

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