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    Converter Transformer Enclosure

    Project Details

    The Client: National Grid
    Customer: ABB (Sweden)
    Service: Converter Transformer Enclosure
    Project Value: £482,000
    Project Completion: August 2012


    The Project

    Kimpton Acoustic Engineering was employed by ABB (Sweden) to overcome the design challenges of providing purpose built acoustic enclosures to encapsulate the converter transformers situated at their Connah’s Quay, North Wales and Woodlands, Ireland sites.

    The 2 tier roof enclosures had to be erected on site in situ between the blast walls and around the converter transformers and their associated cooling systems and electrical connections. Each site required three separate enclosures and incorporated acoustic treatment to the concrete blasts walls to reduce reverberation within the structures.

    The enclosures are designed to provide a noise level reduction of 18dBA at 100Hz and 20dBA at 300Hz.

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