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    Davyhulme Waste Water Treatment Works

    Project Details

    The Client: United Utilities
    Customer: Clarke Energy
    Service: Acoustic Enclosure
    Project Completion: May 2011


    The Project

    As one of the largest waste treatment plants in Europe, Davyhulme WWTW serves a population of 1.2 million people around Manchester. Following many system upgrades the plant now uses anaerobic digestion to treat sewage, producing Biogas, which is 70% methane making its properties very similar to that of Natural Gas.

    As part of United Utilities Carbon Reduction commitment they want to extract as much energy as possible from the sewage that they treat and in order to do this they now harvest the biogas and generate electricity via CHP’s to power their process and feed electricity into the National Grid.

    In order to keep the five 2.4MW gas engines quiet Kimpton were employed to design, manufacture and install the steel framework, acoustic panelling and access doors along with the attenuated filtered engine cooling and combustion ventilation.

    Key Statement

    To ensure noise levels did not affect local residents, a noise reduction of 70dB(A) @ 1 metre from the exhaust systems had to be achieved.

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