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Grappenhall Primary School Extension

Grappenhall Primary School Extension

Client: John Turner
Project: Grappenhall Primary School
Project Value: £250k
Project Scope: Mechanical Services for building extension
Project Manager: Ray Hunter



Grappenhall Heys Community Primary School is an Ofsted Outstanding one entry primary school for ages 3-11 in Grappenhall Heys, Warrington. It was initially designed to cater for 225 pupils, but new home building in the area has created the need for it to expand to become a two entry school, adding an additional 210 school places.

To deliver this, an extension to the school has been designed and with construction underway, our role is to deliver the mechanical services for the new build and link into the existing services.

Planned expansion at Grappenhall Community Primary School with Mechanical Services by Kimpton

Our Work

We are delivering all of the mechanical services and plumbing work for the newly extended building and this covers all of the normal mechanical services you would expect within a school environment.

We will be delivering the domestic water services and low temperature hot water for the toilets throughout and the kitchen and teaching spaces.

As with all recently modernised schools, there’s a far greater focus on ventilation and this will be upgraded throughout and thermal insulation will be greatly improved to meet the latest building regs. It is noticeable in older buildings compared to new, how much quicker they heat up and how much better they hold onto that heat. Improvements in insulation are always the first step in any commercial decarbonisation project.

To control the system, there will be an upgraded BMS and finally all new sanitary ware in the toilets and cleaners area.

Project Management

The project is being managed by Ray Hunter from Kimpton and talking about the build, he said

“The building itself is a perfect project for expansion. The original design of the building allows extension on three of the ‘wings’ without disruption to the existing school working spaces. It ensures the children still have access to their playgrounds and fields and we can work without fear of putting children at risk on a building site.”

You can see the build in progress in this video from the school itself.


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