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    Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm

    Project Details

    The Client: National Grid
    Customer: Morgan Sindall
    Service: Acoustic Enclosure
    Project Completion: May 2011


    The Project

    Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm resides 17km off the North Norfolk coast. It’s 88 turbines each with a blade span of 52m extend for 6km into the North Sea.

    The turbines are capable of producing 317 megawatts of electricity, enough to power 220,000 domestic homes. The 1.1TWh of generated electricity will save 500,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year.

    Kimpton Acoustics designed, manufactured and installed an acoustic enclosure to Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm’s Super Grid Transformer. The enclosure was supplied to site in modular kit form for ease of transport and storage and assembled on site to National Grid’s standards.

    The sound power level from the transformer when operating with the enclosure fitted is guaranteed not to exceed 20dB @ frequency of 100Hz.

    Key Statement

    Wind is an important source of renewable energy but excessive noise could have potentially led to the closure of the wind farm. The acoustic enclosure designed and installed by Kimpton was essential in reducing the noise levels created by the transformers to within the regulation levels, enabling operations to continue at the wind farm.

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