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    St Jeromes School, Renewable Maintenance

    St Jeromes School

    The Client

    St Jerome’s is a primary school located in Formby, near Liverpool. The school was built with sustainability in mind: all the materials used in its construction were either recycled or will be capable of reuse at the end of the school’s life. The school also sets an example of sustainability with the numerous green initiatives implemented throughout the building. These include highly efficient condensing boilers, which serve the underfloor heating throughout the school; a rainwater collection and re-use system; solar panels that heat the water to satisfy day-to-day use; and a high level of insulation to minimise energy use.

    The Challenge

    To maintain the school’s environmental performance and energy efficiency, the maintenance programme, contracted to Kimpton Building Services for the next three years, must maintain this low energy consumption.

    The Solution

    The maintenance programme devised by Kimpton incorporates the boilers and associated equipment, solar hot water system, rainwater collection and reuse system, airconditioning and electrical systems. Kimpton will service the equipment regularly as part of a preventative maintenance schedule, which will ensure it remains in good condition and operates at maximum efficiency, delivering low emissions and energy usage for the school.

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