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    Acoustic Enclosures Stilling Fleet Coalfield

    Project Details

    The Client: UK Coal
    Customer: Clarke Energy
    Service: Acoustic Enclosure
    Project Completion: May 2005


    The Project

    Stillingfleet was part of the Selby coalfield in North Yorkshire, one of the biggest and most sophisticated mining operations in Europe. Following the closure of the mine the leaking mine gas, which cannot be retained within the mine, leaks to atmosphere. UK Coal estimated there to be 12 million cubic metres of gas over a 10 year period which could be used to generate electricity.

    Four 3.0 megawatt generators were installed to convert the mine gas to electricity, but in order to meet planning guidelines Kimpton had to design and install acoustic enclosures that would not only reduce the noise levels but also were capable of ventilating and cooling the generator sets. Kimpton’s knowledge and experience of generator application design parameters was critical to ensuring the final acoustic enclosures met all the client’s requirements.

    Key Statement

    “We worked closely with Kimpton Acoustics on this project The 1.4MW generators needed to be replaced with higher output 3.0MW generators, and the acoustic enclosures were essential to meet noise level thresholds and enable the process of converting mine gas into electricity to go ahead.”

    John Fletcher, Clarke Energy

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