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Eastway Primary School, Boiler room replacement

Eastway Primary School, Boiler room replacement

Client: Wirral Borough Council
Location: Eastway Primary School
Project: Boiler room replacement
Project Manager: Phil Higham
Project Value: £200k


Eastway Primary is a community primary school in Moreton, Wirral that caters for around 270 pupils aged 2-11.

The existing main plant and equipment for the heating and hot water system in the two boiler rooms had reached the end of its lifespan and needed to be replaced with new. This will deliver a significant carbon reduction, greater reliability and reduced ongoing running costs.

The Project

The works included the removal of the existing boilers, hot water storage cylinder, main pipework, valves, pumpsets and controls. Only pipework connections that leave the boiler rooms and serve the main school building were retained with new provisions for strainers and air / dirt separation provided within the boiler room to keep the system clean and functioning correctly.

The existing gas supplies were also retained and re-used and a new emergency gas shut off provision provided in the boiler room as part of the new controls installation.

In a replacement project like this where you are replacing a cast iron boiler with a modern combi boiler, the savings made in pure financial terms will be significant. The Ideal Evomax 2 80kW boilers we used are the most popular commercial boiler in the UK, which makes parts availability easy and cost effective for servicing and ongoing maintenance.

The challenge in the project, as is often the case with school projects is the time allowed for completion. This one however was well planned and scheduled early, so it allowed us to complete the project during the summer holiday break and for it to be ready for a new term and the cooling autumn weather.

The work was managed on a principal contractor basis, with our team also delivering not only the mechanical works, but also the electrical works, BMS work and associated builders works too.

Project Management

The project was delivered by the Kimpton M&E solutions team with Phil Higham and Matt Clare delivering the day to day project management.

Eastway Primary boiler room replacement by Kimpton 2

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