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    HVAC system for Carden Park Spa and Spa Garden

    The Client

    Carden Park Hotel is a luxury hotel and golf complex near Chester in rural Cheshire. The hotel has 198 bedrooms, two golf courses and is set in over 1,000 acres of land.

    Our client, the main contractor was Pave Aways with Barr & Wray delivering the Interior Design. The rest of the assembled team is world class too, with the spa itself being created by spa consultant Nicki Kurran, alongside HB Architects.

    The indoor pool at the Carden Park Spa with HVAC by Kimpton

    The Project

    The creation of the new spa is part of an overall £20m refurbishment for the hotel. Our brief was to create a total HVAC solution for the spa and the spa garden. The space requires a number of different temperature and humidity controlled environments. Within the space there are a range of different thermal experiences both hot and cold. A large vitality pool, ice fountain, snow shower, experience showers, foot baths and heated loungers. There are also 14 treatment rooms and a beauty lounge.

    Outside in the spa garden, there is a sensory hydrotherapy pool, hot tubs, fire pits and an outdoor sauna with private relaxation spaces.

    In addition, there are changing rooms and common spaces such as reception, relaxation areas and a restaurant.

    This was no ordinary HVAC project with the challenges it presented.

    the Restaurant for guests at the Carden Park Spa with HVAC by Kimpton

    The Solution

    The Kimpton team took to the task with their usual professionalism. We met all of our agreed deadlines and overcame any changes that were requested through the complete build process.

    The new £10m spa, stretches over 4,500sq.m and by the time the project draws to a close, all of our work disappeared behind panels and vents.

    the Carden Park Spa opened for business, as agreed, on Monday 6th January.

    The stunning Spa Garden at Carden Park Spa with HVAC by Kimpton


    Key Statement

    “I’m delighted with the way the team worked to get this project completed. From our perspective, it’s another superb quality job under our belt”

    Chris Tolley, Contracts Engineer

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