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    Chiller Replacement, Fujitsu Head Office

    Client: Fujitsu
    Project Value: £200k
    Project Completion: November 2020
    Project Manager: Dave Gore

    Project Overview

    Kimpton were appointed by Fujitsu to replace a chiller at their UK Head Office Campus in Warrington.

    The contract involved the removal and replacement of an existing chiller from a site compound adjacent to the on-site car park. This location ensured that access to the site was relatively simple. In order to gain access, a small section of fencing was removed prior to works starting and reinstated on completion.

    The scope of works included pipe modifications and relocation, electrical system design, connection and testing, along with adjustments to the associated Building Management System.

    Once on-site, Kimpton performed a water test and discovered that it contained no glycol or inhibitor. These are additives used for ongoing system protection against frost and internal corrosion and breakdown. Without this, the new chiller could well have had probably had a shorter operating life. After agreement from the Fujitsu team, Kimpton engineers performed a two-week shutdown of the system to flush it through and bring the water spec up to standard.

    This work took place during the Covid pandemic so it allowed us to complete a full shutdown and system flush as the building was unoccupied during this two week period.

    A full health and safety file was created and kept on-site at all times, with a sign in and out system used for access into work areas. All engineers and visitors were given a full site induction prior to being allowed into these areas.

    The project was managed by Dave Gore from the Kimpton team and supported by Steve Loughran in the role of Site Supervisor, overseeing the day to day activities on site and compliance with both the works programme and all on-site health and safety requirements.

    Fujitsu Warrington - Image from Place North West

    Image courtesy of Place Northwest

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