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    Rochdale Fire Station, Mechanical Services

    Client: Kier Construction
    Project Value: £150k
    Project Completion: November 2013
    Project Manager: Chris Tolley


    Kimpton Energy Solutions were employed by Kier Construction to design and install the mechanical services for a new community fire station in Rochdale. It’s the sister building to Bury Fire Station, the Kimpton team completed the year before. The design also employs similar renewable technology.

    The system uses solar thermal panels to capture radiant heat from the sun and use it to pre-heat water for the heating and hot water supply. The preheated water is stored in a tank and then fed to the highly efficient condensing boiler to raise the temperature for the heating and hot water systems as required. It’s all brought together in a purpose-built plant room, designed for the system being installed, whilst allowing space for expansion.

    As per the system installed in Bury, ventilation is provided by means of Natural Ventilation which in certain rooms is complemented with Lossnay heat recovery units to provide pre-conditioned fresh air.

    The comms room is constantly manned and as such is both heated and chilled using a split system. The final element is the sanitary ware, which in this case covers bathrooms, toilets and showers.

    The system is designed to be very much ahead of its time, using renewable technology beyond what others are still using today. With the BMS system in place, control of the system is all automated and self-managing.

    The building has been design to meet the BREEAM specifications. BREEAM is the Building Research Establishment (BRE) Environmental Assessment Method, first launched in the UK in 1990. It sets best practice standards for the environmental performance of buildings through design, specification, construction and operation.

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